6 Ways To Boost Ecommerce Store Conversions

A well designed and managed ecommerce site will improve your sales and conversion rates. On the flip side, even one poorly designed aspect of a store can turn visitors away. It’s all about engaging your users and offering a helpful, easy to use online experience.

Bringing this optimal online experience to your users requires constant attention and tweaking of your pages. Consistent sales come from a lot of trial and error and even a change in wording or colour can influence your conversion rates.

Funding Circle Review – Month 3

3 months have passed since we opened our Funding Circle account. Performance on the account has been good and because of this I have increased my fund to £1000. It is now level with my Zopa fund. The extra £500 I added was lent out much quicker than the original £500 so that was a nice surprise.

I haven’t had any problems using Funding Circle and so far I really like the hands-off automated approach to their system. Below are screenshots from my third month, you can see I gained £3.86 interest from borrowers. We should see a higher return next month after the repayments start to flow in from the extra £500 I added.

4 ways to crush your writers block

When I hit writers block it’s usually not because I have too little to write about, it’s because I have TOO MUCH. I stumble across so many topics, thoughts, ideas, I don’t know where to start. As my brain slowly fills up with all this information it reaches a limit in capacity and processing and then just shuts down. I can’t think clearly and usually give myself a headache trying to do so.

In the past I would struggle onwards, constantly trying to cling onto the one coherent thought I had in my brain. Wasting time trying to work through this situation was unproductive. I quickly discovered that taking myself out of that environment and doing one of the 4 listed below got me out of the block effectively.

Here is my list of the most effective ways to crush your writers block.

How to setup Facebook conversion pixel on WordPress

Looking to use Facebook ads to convert users? Have you stumbled across the conversion pixel when creating your ads but have no idea what it is? Read this guide to find out why you want to be using it with your campaigns and how to install it on your WordPress blog.

Setting up a Facebook conversion pixel sounds like a really complicated task. In reality with the thanks to a few wordpress plugins it has been simplified tremendously.