The Basics Of SEO

*Warning this article assumes you have ZERO experience with internet marketing. It may seem basic to those who practice SEO but for those just starting out this article is invaluable!*

In today’s internet-based age, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in the success of any online business. Anyone with a website can benefit from SEO, but if you’re new to it, you’ll need a primer for what it is and why it matters so much.

6 Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers via Mobile

Almost everyone seems to own an internet-enabled smartphone these days, with millions of people owning more than one mobile device, including additional smartphones or tablet computers.

According to Internet technology company comScore, smartphones and tablets already accounted for 60% of the time spent using digital media by summer, 2014. Given the ubiquity of smartphones and Internet on the move, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that businesses also need to take mobile into account when reaching out to new customers.

Mobile marketing allows companies to tap into a much wider audience, but it is also important to remember that mobile works quite differently when compared to more traditional forms of media.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Opt-In Forms

Over the last month we analyzed 600 popular blogs from various different niches that utilized an opt-in boxes as a way to build their email list.

We specifically looked at how blogs used opt-in forms on their inner pages, not on their main landing page. The reason for this is consistency, as most have the same blog framework to play with.

The aim was to see how blogs used their opt in forms and see if we could back up what we believe to be best practices with some real data.

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Building a community and encouraging social interaction are key aspects of running a successful blog off the ground, these things can be difficult to establish. It can be very disheartening to work hard on your content, only to be greeted with the sound of crickets in the comments section.

While a lack of response may be discouraging, it’s important to realize that the vast majority of your readers will never leave a comment. These are the lurkers who may loyally read your content, but prefer to take a more passive approach when it comes to interacting with you.

Fortunately, there are still several ways to get more comments. In this guide, you’ll discover several techniques for motivating more people to leave their thoughts on your blog.

How To Find Your Blogging Path

Do you sometimes ask yourself ‘why am I blogging’? Have you ever felt lost when deciding what to write next? Do you have no idea what your future plans are for your blog? These are the exact same questions I have been asking myself recently. Fortunately I came to an answer and if you read on, you may too.

A blogging path is something that has long eluded me. I’ve read about the importance of finding your niche but only truly come to appreciate it’s importance now. I’m currently in the process of creating a video course (that’s a sneak peak for you) that will teach bloggers and small businesses the importance of content marketing as well as practical solutions to get you started with a content marketing campaign.

A Comprehensive, Small Business Guide To Twitter

For small businesses Twitter is an invaluable marketing tool. One of the top social media platforms with a growing user base of over 250 million, effective Twitter marketing is now just as important to marketing strategies as traditional TV ads and web banners. With the right strategy, Twitter has the potential to help people find your company, advertise your offerings, establish credibility, create relationships, improve customer relations and ultimately help your business prosper.